Great Guy Gifts

Are you shopping for a gift for the man in your life? Or is your dad’s birthday coming up?

Men may seem hard to buy gifts for but really they aren’t. They are actually really easy to buy for. Read more about flameless lighter.

Here are some great ideas for gifts for guys that might get you started in your quest:

1. Zippo Lighter. A lighter is a great gift for a guy who smokes or one who does not. Let’s face it, guys like to play with fire. Giving them a stylish lighter may be a great way for them to “use something useful” and to show off their pride for a favorite sports team or band. They can be a great gift for the hunter just as much as a smoker.

2. A helmet cam. This tiny gismo is just right for any man who likes to hunt, fish, skate board, surf or anyone who is proud of the things that he does. With a helmet camera he can make videos and then have something to show for that fishing trip besides a minnow.

3. T-shirts. It may seem simple but guys like t-shirts and whether it is of Bob Marley or golf, if the tee depicts something that they like then they will enjoy the shirt and thank you for it.

4. New cell phone. As quickly as technology advances, there is more than likely a new phone that your guy is drooling over. Give him the latest thing to appease his techno habit.