Month: August 2019

Elect a Leader, Not a Mirage

Elect a Leader, Not a Mirage

Our economy appears to be on a path to substantial deterioration over the next several months leading up to November’s presidential election.

The anticipated rise in fuel prices and consumer goods, escalation of failed businesses, new tidal wave of foreclosures, collapse of the European economy, and imminent war with Iran, just to name a few issues, will break the linchpin supporting our economy.

How will this affect the presidential race?

A disastrous economy will destroy Obama’s hope for a second term. He had his chance and blew it. Our country, Mr. Obama, is a constitutional, not socialist republic.

Romney’s wealth and ties to powerful associations causes middle class conservatives to doubt him. Will his wealth insulate him from knowing the pain felt by the failing middle class? Will Romney’s reliance on powerful associations fueling his candidacy taint his executive decisions as president? Romney, of course, is preordained as the establishment’s …